Sinful Sunday: Passenger…

17 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Passenger…

  1. Whaaaaat?!?!? How?! This is a fucking hot and an exhilarating photo! Oh – to have a partner to do dirty things in public with is my dream. My mind is blown at your daredevilry.

  2. I’ve never managed to find an empty train or tube carriage but that shot is awesome! With the added bonus of your reflection to get get a completely different view.

  3. I, umm, this, well…. damn, I am lost for words. This is completely fucking brilliant. There, I found some, not that I think they do it justice mind you


  4. Oh my goodness – I was sure I’d commented on this on Sunday – must have been too mesmerised; )
    This is one of the hottest photos I’ve seen – absolutely stunning.
    *takes (another) moment*
    X x x ?

  5. Holy Shit! I picked a bad week to not tune in. Whaaa! I have nothing eloquent to say. There is a ringing in my ears, an erection in my shorts, and a lump of jealousy in my throat. Well done! (Clapping aloud)

  6. Few images are hotter than a woman throwing her head back while being eaten. This is so sensual and raw. I love it!

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