Sinful Sunday: Someone else’s clothes…

‘Perhaps you’ll tell me I’m vain, but you’d be surprised if you knew what it had meant to me, at critical moments of my life, to be dressed exactly in accordance with my mood. It gives one such confidence, I think.’
Christopher Isherwood, Mr Norris Changes Trains

Why is it that someone else’s clothes feel so different against my skin? I can wear my own clothes and never notice them. I can wear the softest woollen jumpers or delicate silky tights and become used to their touch almost instantly. Even scratchy, coarse fabric or straps that rub only irritate intermittently; I am numb to their effects for most of the day.

But I am constantly aware of wearing someone else’s clothes; I can feel them touching me from the moment I put them on until I take them off again several hours later. My skin becomes hypersensitive, erupting in goosebumps as movement of his shirt brushes the hairs on my arms. I can feel the collar against my neck or the waistband against my hips.

Someone else’s clothes
I can feel him; I can feel him in his clothes…

Sadly, I couldn’t borrow these clothes for long and had to return them. But I certainly enjoyed paying back the loan…

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Sinful Sunday

0 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Someone else’s clothes…

  1. Oh, Livvy – that first shot is killing me. You look ravishing in both (ungh women in men’s clothing – yessss), but there’s something about the first picture that makes my body feel all the feelings. It’s so suggestive! I also feel hyper-sensitive in my lovers’ clothes; knowing the clothes touched that person’s body and are now touching me gives me shivers, too.

  2. I always love your photos but wow! these are amazing! The first one is so, pardon the pun, titilating and teasing. And I must say this… You have the best boobs I have ever seen! I wish mine were as perfect! God, you are gorgeous Livvy!

  3. What a great reaction to have. I’ve always enjoyednseeing a loverbin my shirts and now have to wonder if they experienced the same thing.

  4. i can honestly tell you that this clothes look amazing on you.
    It does feel different when wearing someone elses clothes, you can even pick up their scent as well. I loved wearing his shirt in the mornings and staying in it through the day on a Sunday.

  5. I am completely with you on this, there is something wonderfully sex about it. For me it is not just the way the clothes feel but also the smell.


  6. Bloody hell – these photos are hot!!!
    Seriously wonderful post – the words had me tingling too x x x ?

  7. I bloody *love* these photos! The first time I looked at them I gasped because you look really really hot but also because I could instantly see EA in them too and that was super hot too. I revisited then a couple of times admiring you but always imagining him. So I laughed out loud last night when I saw his Reclaim post. Brilliant. But I agree with him – you look hotter in the clothes! 🙂 xxx

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