Sinful Sunday: The Hellfire Club…

‘The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.’
Joseph Campbell

Between 1748 and 1752, Francis Dashwood, 11th Baron le Despencer (2nd Baronet) excavated a series of caves, deep beneath the hills around his West Wycombe estate that became known as the Hellfire Caves. These caves were used as a meeting place for the notorious Hellfire Club, an exclusive club for members of high society who ‘wished to take part in socially perceived immoral acts.’

Deep in the cold darkness, secret meetings and rituals took place, and eminent gentlemen mixed with jovial and free-spirited ladies.

Who knew what could be found around the next corner?

Press the lips below to see the other sinful delights shared this week…

Sinful Sunday

22 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: The Hellfire Club…

  1. These are fantastic!! The Hellfire Club featured prominently in many of the Regency Romance novels I read as a teen. I had no idea it was a real place! I’m dying to know how you managed these. Did you sneak in, rent the whole place, or was some tourist from Omaha right around the corner?!

  2. Whooo hooo you did it! I only managed a tit flash in my pictures because there were just too many people about. I love these picture, you look like a temptress lurking in the shadows. I think the members of the Hellfire Club would have greatly approved


  3. These are incredible, Livvy. The first one is one of my favorite SS photos of all time – absolutely perfect framing and lighting, and you look brilliant in it. There seem to be a lot of magical public space photos this week! You are quite the cave goddess.

  4. I think you have participated in exactly what the Hellfire club was all about. I’m so envious of your trip, one day I will discover them for myself!

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