Sinful Sunday: Sun Trap…

‘Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.’
Laura Ingalls Wilder

It’s almost exactly a year since I posted this Sinful Sunday about the mistake I make every year.

So once again, a year on, it’s May; once again it’s a beautiful sunny day and I am home alone with a sun trap of a garden to enjoy!

But I have learned my lesson. I have liberally applied sun cream, contorting myself into all sorts of weird stretches to ensure I haven’t missed a spot, rubbing the cream slowly into every inch of my skin from my neck right down to my toes.

I’m almost looking forward to having to re-apply…

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0 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Sun Trap…

  1. The sunlight adores you, and why wouldn’t it? 😉 And ditto to Molly’s comment — We would be thrilled to assist! ~C

  2. I was thinking the same thing Molly was – I’d love to be there to apply sun cream to every. single. inch of you. 😀 I love the valley of your lower back and am so envious that you have a private space outdoors where you can lay in the sunshine!

  3. The curved line of your back is wonderful, and I love the contrast of your fair skin on the green grass. There is almost nothing I hate worse than sunburn, so I was glad to hear you applied protection 🙂

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