‘The wind envelops you with a certain purpose in mind, and it rocks you. The wind knows everything that’s inside you.’
Haruki Murakami, Hear the Wind Sing

‘Doesn’t he know?’ she wondered, ‘How can he not know?’

She’d chosen not to tell him, instead letting the warmth of her secret envelop her. She imagined the look on his face when he discovered what she’d done and it made her body ache. She imagined whispering in his ear as they went through their front door; ‘All day I’ve been waiting for you, all day I’ve been ready…’ But instead, she kept quiet. They had wandered through the harbour, letting the wind bluster and blow around them while waiting for the ferry, and she’d said nothing.

Oh, but she was sure he must know! The flush in her cheeks couldn’t be explained by the sea breeze alone and when he pulled her into him thinking she was shivering from cold, the touch of his body against hers had only increased her trembling. Couldn’t he feel her heart pounding in her chest?

She wanted him to know; she wanted him to reach down, expecting the flimsy barrier of her underwear and discover just her soft, naked flesh. She wanted him to plunge into the wet heat that was waiting for him there, drowning his fingers in her arousal and rubbing his palm on her already swollen clit. She knew it wouldn’t take much for her to come crashing around him; her body was wound tight with anticipation, her senses buzzing with need.

Except, except that it was exactly that anticipation that was so delicious; never knowing when he would find out, never knowing what would give her away. The longer she waited, the more likely she’d be caught and the more she wanted him to catch her. No, she wouldn’t tell him; not yet anyway.

It was windier than she had expected, although not quite cold. Her hair was blown into tangled knots around her face and his jacket flapped wildly unless he held it down. The wind curled around her legs too and she could never forget her nakedness, not with each gust reminding her.

Eventually, it was time to go. They boarded the ferry with the other passengers and crowded onto the upper deck, seeking out space away from the smokers. Finding a private corner as the ferry got ready to leave, she leaned into the wind and looked back at where they had been. Only a short trip more and then they’ll be home.

‘I got away with it,’ she smiled to herself. ‘He has no idea…’

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