Sinful Sunday: My favourites…

‘Everybody is special. Everybody. Everybody is a hero, a lover, a fool, a villain. Everybody. Everybody has their story to tell.’
Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

I think it says a lot about the number of books that I have and how I’ve used them to decorate my house that they often feature in my Sinful Sunday photos, sometimes as a prominent feature or more hidden in the background. And I know that zooming in on these photos to nose around the book collections is a particular favourite pastime of some Sinful Sunday regulars…

So this is a photo for all you book lovers!

I keep all my absolute favourite books in a shelf above my bed for easy reach. These are the ones that I have read so many times that I could open them anywhere and enjoy, the books that have ignited the biggest emotional response, or just the ones that tell a pretty great story. They seemed an appropriate choice for a photo of my favourites.

(Incidentally, my right breast is also my favourite over my left. It’s perkier and more photogenic!)

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Sinful Sunday

0 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: My favourites…

  1. You just broke my brain. I have been scanning along the shelves going, ohhh books and then getting to your beautiful breast and going ohhhhhhhhhhhh boob…. then I am locked into, boob, books, boob, books…. see, utterly broken.

    So a word on your books, while I can still muster them. I love Chocolat, not read it in years which is an oversight I must correct but do you follow Joanna Harris on Twitter, she is excellent on there and I love that she happily chats back to a no body like me.

    Now a word on boobs… my favourite of my boobs is also my right, like you, it is slightly smaller and perkier than the other one…. and you lovely Livvy have absolutely glorious boobs that spark my female lust rather brightly.


  2. Gorgeous gorgeous! This photo is so happy and inspiring – and yes, your lovely boob is very distracting! X x x

  3. I love to look at people’s book collections. I will give you one to add… ‘The Shadow of the Wind’. Would love to have a peek at the one over your bed.

    p.s. I like looking at the rest of this photo too. And, this is kind of a cliff hanger, don’t you think, now everyone wants to see the left side! At least I do.

  4. My god, you have amazing tits. And a pretty beautiful, well-read brain to match! I probably should have mentioned the brain first, but my eyes weren’t drawn to the books first. 😉

  5. Great shot! I have two homes for books in my flat – built in shelves in my office where all paperbacks are geekily organised in a rainbow effect according to the colour of the spine and then oak shelves for all my hardback travel and photography books. Just looking at the books give me pleasure. Your shelves, breasts and photo is just as hypnotic to look at! Xx

  6. I’m trying to look through your collection but I keep getting distracted! I do love my books, sadly they’re still tucked up in boxes a year after moving because we haven’t got round to decorating the library/snugly reading room I have planned!

  7. This is going to sound so geeky, but I love how bent and well-worn the spines are. Those are *loved* books – they make a wonderful, warm backdrop for your lovely form. Xxx

    (Also, we’ve got quite a number of favorites in common! Raw Shark Texts, Sin City, Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime… books are ridiculously exciting 🙂

  8. We share many books in common and I like that. The vulnerability of your up-stretched arm and the exposing of your armpit is what draws me though.

  9. My books are in my room on a shelf and as I fall asleep I look at them and seem to remember every word I ever read. It’s pretty effing great. Love the pic.

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