I’m not a saint, but do I have to be?

‘Let me satisfy your soul
Not a saint but do I have to be’
BØRNS, Holy Ghost

I may be kneeling, but there is nothing pious about my position. I am not praying or kneeling in honour; I’m waiting.

The blindfold around my eyes is so tight that I can’t open them at all to squint around the cloth he has used to blind me. He learnt early on that I just lie when I say I can’t see. He tells me that lying ruins his fun, but I maintain that it’s more fun for both of us my way. Sadly, he disagrees and instead the mask has become wider, the binds tighter.

So I kneel in my darkness. And wait.

I know I could get up and move. My arms are tied behind me, but he has not restricted my legs. I know the room well enough that I could easily walk out within colliding with the furniture, but then I’d never know what he had planned for me. It would be giving up, and he knows that I won’t do that. 

Especially as I think he’s already here, standing in the room with me. I can’t remember now what gave him away. Was it a rustle on the carpet? I stay perfectly still, willing him to make another noise.

It feels like I’m waiting forever. My muscles are burning from the effort of staying completely still but my senses are on alert. Then I hear him step towards me; a fine padding on the ground that makes my thighs slick with anticipation.

I can hear the air rushing slightly over his lips. I can hear the click in his throat when he swallows and the sound of his tongue licking his lips. He must so close. He must be right in front of me.

Now that I’m sure he’s near, there are noises that give him away. I don’t need to hear the silky wetness of his hand on his cock to know that he’s naked; the slippery movement as he squeezes around the head and his sliding grip up and down are now broadcast loudly into my ears.

I imagine how I must look to him, blindfolded and kneeling patiently for him, so I sit up taller. This may be his game but I’m not going to sit passively. Rocking onto my toes for balance, I lean forward into the space where I think he’s standing.

I part my lips, eager for him to slip his cock between them into my waiting mouth, but he doesn’t. I know he’s right there; I lick the empty air, half expecting my tongue to taste the pre-cum from the tip that I am certain I could reach. I crane forward again and again, desperately trying to close the distance between us, stretching out and lapping at nothing. Each failed attempt leaves me whimpering with frustration. Fuck, he’s laughing at me now. Not bothering to stay quiet anymore, he taunts me, brushing his cock against my cheek before grabbing a handful of hair to drag me back again or pushing his fingers into my mouth. He could test the patience of a saint, but I have no intention of behaving like one now!

Sitting back on my haunches, I open my mouth wide and just wait for him to fill it. I wait to close my lips around his hard cock and feel him pushing in deeper until he grazes the back of my throat. I wait until I can taste him, until I can choke on him, until I am satisfied.

And this time I don’t have to wait that long…

Inspired by the first song on shuffle, Holy Ghost by BØRNS. Click the button below for other musical delights…

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