Sinful Sunday: O Christmas Tree…

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Much pleasure thou can’st give me;

As soon as I saw that Exhibit A had used O Christmas Tree as a prompt for his Christmas Erotica meme, I knew that I needed to take photos by my parent’s tree. Although this year’s version is slightly more conservative, coming home to a tree that is twice as tall as me and smothered in lights and sparkles is one of the highlights of Christmas!

But would I have the opportunity to take a sinful photo at home with my family around?

It was Christmas Eve when I managed to find a moment when I was alone. Without any hesitation, as I did not know how long this would last, I whipped off my shirt to take some photos.

(In my rush as I heard my sister stirring upstairs, I also took this one. I have literally no idea how I did it, or how I managed to get the point of rotation so perfectly central, but I really like it so thought I would share it too! It is still Christmas after all…)

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This is also the last Sinful Sunday of 2015 so do click the lips below to see all of the other photos shared this week…
Sinful Sunday

0 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: O Christmas Tree…

  1. I really love that second image, the movement is fabulous and I can not help but imagine you twirling around the Christmas tree enjoying your nakedness


  2. Really beautiful images. That second one is definitely the star shot. My photography lecturer told me at uni that the last frame on the film (old school!) or the perceived mistake is so often the best. Xxx

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