Sinful Sunday: Curve…

‘The curve is more powerful than the sword.’
Mae West

In the past year, I have been doing so much more exercise than previously that many of my curves have turned into angles.

But, thankfully, not all of them…  See the other stunning photos shared this week by pressing the kiss below…

Sinful Sunday

0 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Curve…

  1. This male loves the female form, whether Rubenesque or lithe. You dear lady have curves, not angles, and I would love to explore all of them, slowly and patiently. Your form is a truly a beautiful image to behold.

  2. This is so beautiful, I love the simplicity of this and the angle you have taken it from creates amazing lines for the eye to roam around, over your breast and up into the delicate curve of your armpit


  3. As a less than curvy lady, I have to say that I find few things quite as beautiful as feminine curves and this is a perfect example of why. There’s so much elegance in your form and the simplicity of the image just underscores that. Totally beautiful. Xxx

  4. Absolutely stunning, Livvy! (per usual 😉 ) I adore the way you’ve curved your arm up so that your body forms an almost perfect S shape. It’s such a brilliant composition, and then your lovely breast counterbalances the S in exactly the right way. I think you mentioned in one of your posts about your sisters being artists and you being a scientist but you are an artist down to your core, my friend. Your photos tell the tale 🙂

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