Sinful Sunday: A midnight train…

It starts as a low rumbling in the background. A hum that I can’t quite locate. I’m so distracted and it’s so distant that I don’t know if I’m imagining it.

But it builds. It grows. The rumbling becomes a growl, a moan. I can feel it vibrating through me, a buzzing that rises and rises. It starts roaring and flashing, filling me entirely and threatening to overwhelm me.

There’s no doubt about it.

A train is coming…

UPDATE (20/11/16): The wonderful Tom Starling did an amazing version of this image here.

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Sinful Sunday

29 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: A midnight train…

  1. Bloody hell this is amazing. I love that you captured the train zooming through in the background and you look absolutely utterly stunning lost in the moment of sensation



  2. This is SUCH a great shot! I am thrilled that you captured this moment exactly as the train was rushing by. Everything about this is gorgeous and absolutely sizzling. My favorite part, I think, is your hands. The way they are tense yet fluttering, it shows the intensity of the moment. Love this so much!


  3. There is so much to take on and appreciate about this photograph that I don’t know where to start … sheer genius in planning and execution
    Thank you


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