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I am broken. I am glowing, but I am broken. My body lies crumpled, strewn out on the sheets with clothes and underwear scattered around me, but I am elated.

I can hear him next door in the bathroom but I don’t get up. I’m not sure that I can, I am too lightheaded. As the adrenaline starts to fade, I feel weak and my head spins. I just have to lie there and wait for my body to return to my control.

I close my eyes, remembering what lead me to become this exhausted, exhilarated mess. It’s him, it’s just him. His touch, his warmth, his kiss but, this time, there’s more.

There had been a different look in his eye, a new purpose. His kisses were a little rougher, his hands a little firmer. It took my breath away. And then he just stood there, looking at me. His eyes roamed over my body and I couldn’t help but squirm under his gaze.

With a grin, he gestured to me to flip over. Holding me down, he had pressed my stomach against the sheets. Slowly, he stroked my cunt, spreading the slick moisture and sending bolts of desire through me. Moaning and bucking my hips towards him, the action of his fingers against my clit and in my cunt had stirred up my insides and, when he plunged deep inside me, I came hard around his cock.

As his cock filled me, he grabbed some lube from the bedside table and began circling and fingering my arse. He stretched me further, sliding one and then two fingers deep inside, adding a delirious distraction to the pressure of his cock moving within me. Damn… I ground against him, wanting more. Instead, he just teased me. Slowing his movements, barely touching me, he wound me higher and higher.

Finally, he slid his thick cock into my now waiting arse. This was new, but definitely not unwelcome. God, I wish I could have seen his face! I wish my brain hadn’t been so scrambled by the intense and overpowering sensations that just kept flowing through me so that I could have actually told him how good this felt. How it was so much more than I expected. How it hurt, deep inside like a punch in my gut, but the pain was nothing to the aching pleasure that spread through me with every movement he made. It connected my whole body – fingertips, hair, clit, cunt, skin. It was almost like heat, and the burn ripped through me until I was on fire. Oh, it was a visceral pleasure…it was *so* good! I could do nothing but grip tightly and push back against him, wanting him deeper, to fill me entirely.  

I don’t fully remember what happened after that. My body took over, I became the sensations I could feel. Heat, pain, joy, lust…delight. I couldn’t stop laughing at how extraordinary it felt. My heart raced faster, I melted into him, I was lost. His groans as he came burst through the haze that blurred reality and his weight as he collapsed on top of me brought me back, but they couldn’t break the bubble that enclosed me. We lay, panting, our bodies stuck together, merged together.

I try to sit up, but I am still too giddy. Crumpling forward, I put my head between my knees and wait. This is heaven…
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