Sinful Sunday: Reach…

Much earlier this year, I attended the Guy Bourdin exhibition at Somerset House. I adore most of his photographs, but this is among my favourites: 

I really like the view of her legs and her heels as she reaches upwards.

I was reminded of this photo when I was thinking about the chair prompt for this month – sadly, I don’t yet have a library worthy of a ladder, although I am working on it, but sometimes it is still easier to have a bit of help to reach the higher shelves.

So, here is my interpretation of the chair prompt and a loose tribute to Guy Bourdin! 

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Sinful Sunday

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  1. Beautiful! And what similar paths we tread round London. First we were at Defining Beauty within a couple of days of each other and you were here too! I bloody loved that exhibition – I went the day before starting Exposing 40 and I bought a gorgeous notebook where I keep all my ideas for posts so he’s very blended in my mind with this project. My Guy Bourdin homage is one my favourite posts. I think this should be one of your favourites too – it’s gorgeous! And books are a much better backdrop that shoes. Guy is the favourite photographer of one of my friends who’s very involved with this project and we have a few more of his images on our hit list of photos to take inspiration from, including a couple of his outdoor ones. It makes me chuckle that one of his main book collections is called Exhibit A!! Xx

  2. I’d be terrified to climb anything in heels. Knowing me, I’d break something. Admittedly, I was trying to figure out what was on your bookshelf. I like big books and I cannot lie.

  3. Just all the WOW! This is a truly fabulous image, I love how you have taken the inspiration and totally made it your own image and ohhhhhhhhhhhhh those shoes


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