Sinful Sunday: Wear sun cream…

I love the sunshine! It makes everything look beautiful and never fails to make me happy so when a sunny day coincided with a day off, I decamped everything onto the balcony so that I could bask in the sun while pretending to work…

But every year…every single year, I make the same mistake!

This year I turned 30 – I should be older, I should be wiser…I should know that even if it is the first time I have sunbathed this year and even if it is only May, I *will* still get burnt.

So please…I beg you, learn from my annual mistake – wear sun cream!


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Sinful Sunday

0 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Wear sun cream…

  1. *Particularly* the first time sunbathing each year… I know, easier said than done.
    I have to say despite being northern, I wrap up quite quickly in the coastal sunshine; the sea breezes bring out my good-at-wrapping-up self.
    But, gosh, the warmth of the sun on your skin. It’s one of the best feelings in the world.

  2. I have actually stopped sunbathing about 20 years ago. I don’t avoid the sun, but I don’t sit in it anymore to tan. All of this because my mom was diagnosed with skin cancer…

    Indeed. please apply sun screen if you want to sit in the sun!

    Rebel xox

  3. You have my complete empathy as a pale, sun burnt type, myself. There’s still something sexy about that fleeting white handprint… Makes me think of a good spanking!

    – Amethyst

  4. I never really burn I may turn red but by morning I am tanned and ready to go again…that is the Indian in me showing! lovely view in your photo!

  5. I LOVE the sun. My hubby believes I am a lizard and I am only warm enough when there is a direct heat source on me. I do always use suncream though…. but I will admit that the odd walk in early spring I have been caught out.


  6. You look so happy in that first shot. It’s lovely. The second? Ouch! I, too, adore the feel of the sun on my skin but, growing up in the Southern Hemisphere has made me very wary of it as the skin cancer rates here are so high. Despite trying not to spend too much time in it unprotected, childhood summers at the beach, blatting around the school playground and daily outside swims have left their mark on me. Literally. I have A LOT of moles and freckles that I have to watch like a hawk. :-/ Jane xxx

  7. Ouch, hope it’s better now. An important, cleverly demonstrated and beautiful public service message!


  8. I’m allergic to the sun. I tolerate it when I go swimming, but I always end up burning somewhere…

  9. I love the sun but I do burn very easily. I use cream whenever I can but I do admit to be caught out. Then what I really love is him scraping his nails across my burnt skin, I wish I could get that delicious feeling without the risk of sunburn!

  10. I love the joy in your smile in the first photo. The bright colors, the bright sun, a perfect afternoon!

    I’m sorry you were burnt though. I hate being sunburnt. I have to say, I can’t stop watching that gif!I love the way your handprint fades back to red, but ouch!!

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