Sinful Sunday: Silhouette…

Can you see me? I am hidden in the shadows, concealed in the dark.

The light creeps in the window and reflects off my skin, so can you see me from where you are?

I am showing off for you…if only you could see me…


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Sinful Sunday

0 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Silhouette…

  1. Oh my God, that’s so weird – that’s two weeks running you’ve posted pictures very similar to ones I’ve taken! We must have similar creative thought processes. I wrote a post called Who Watches the Watchers? to accompany a silhouette shot of me in a window – although the photographer was outside looking up at me. It’s not really a match for the theme of Exposing 40 so I’ll probably never use it, but that’s spooky. Great shot, by the way. Xx

  2. I love how you can clearly see the trees and the buildings beyond your window. Really adds to the suggestion of being watched and exposed


  3. That’s a really gorgeous shot. And the words are so seductive too.
    For a moment or two I could tell if you were looking out or in – lovely x x

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