Picture this…

It’s just a spark,
But it’s enough to keep me going…
– Paramore, Last Hope

The heat in the conference room was becoming oppressive. Flora sat at the table, desperately fighting to maintain her focus while the quiet hum of the projector combined with the sticky heat to make her eyelids heavy with sleep. A disagreement between colleagues had caused the meeting to veer off topic and she was rapidly losing interest in their squabbles. Glancing up at the clock, she realised that this was scheduled to continue for a further 40 minutes. Kill me, kill me now…

As her head began to droop forward once more with another wave of fatigue, a quick vibration on the table surface in front of her brought her back to reality. She looked down at her phone and all thought of sleep vanished.

Will has sent you an image.

She quickly pressed the home button to hide the notification, hoping that the flush she could feel growing inside her wasn’t spreading into her face. She knew what that message meant. Will was not the kind of man to send pictures of his meal or share witty memes. No, if he was sending her an image, it had to be a dick pic.

There was no way she was going to concentrate now! Her whole body ached to open the message and see what he had sent her, but the room was too crowded and she was sat next to the nosiest man in the office who would no doubt peer over her shoulder and tell everyone what she had been sent. In any case, she doubted she had the self-control to react in an appropriate manner so it was probably for the best…

But as more time passed and the notification just sat there, waiting to be acknowledged, the not knowing became so much worse! The sun continued to glare through the window but that was no longer the reason that she was feeling hot and flustered. There were just so many possibilities, and her imagination was feeding the hunger that the thought of him had awakened. His cock was so beautiful, long and strong, and it made her mouth water to think of it. She wondered if he’d be holding it, his fingers curled expertly around the shaft and gripping tightly. Or if the head would be shining with pre-come, making him look utterly irresistible and tempting her to lick up the glistening droplets. Would he be standing upright, gloriously displaying himself to her? Or lying back in bed, as if inviting her to join him?

Damn, was there anything hotter than such graphic evidence of her effect on him? She squirmed in her seat as she thought about him getting hard while thinking of her, and then to send her such a picture…fuck! She squeezed her thighs together, feeling how wet she had become and wishing she could reach down to touch herself and ease the longing within her. She must have made a noise at this thought as her neighbour suddenly gave her a very strange look.

OK, concentrate woman! She wrestled her mind away from his cock and the picture he had sent her, pretending that she wasn’t too ridiculously turned on to think, and tried to focus.

Only 15 minutes left until she was free…

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