Those who are London-based are probably aware that Battersea Arts Centre was largely destroyed in an enormous fire last week. It is not only the tragic loss of a really beautiful building, but the arts centre was the venue for some very interesting productions. The fundraising for the repairs is well underway and, if you’re interested in donating, the link is here

For me, this destruction is more poignant as I was actually at Battersea Arts Centre the day before the fire, seeing one of the most amazing productions I have ever seen – ‘Fiction.’  Its run ends on March 21st but I cannot recommend it highly enough if they show it anywhere else! The show involves sitting in complete and total darkness while wearing headphones that cut out the ambient noise and feed the action directly into your ears. It was stunning, and was one of the most extraordinary sensory experiences I have ever had. I knew I was surrounded by the rest of the audience but I could not sense them at all…I felt completely alone in a public place…it was kind of amazing. I really hope the stewards didn’t have night vision goggles to keep an eye on the audience. I’m not sure what they would have thought if they could have seen me…

So this was inspired by that…


His card had said to arrive at 7:30 and not to be late.

This was not the first time that he had sent her instructions, but this was the first that had been so short. Usually, there were explicit instructions on what she should wear or what he wanted her to do before she met him. His control over her from a distance made her weak with lust, and he knew it.

But there was none of that today. She was intrigued. She googled the location, and was even more surprised to discover that he was sending her to the theatre. Was this a normal date? She snorted in disbelief. Him? Conventional?! She had to be missing something…

She arrived on time as instructed, the anticipation of what was to come proving all the more delicious in its obscurity. Was he here too? What was he planning for her? She smiled to herself as she wondered if this was all he’d planned – she was imagining so many possible scenarios playing out in this arena that she was already twitching with frustrated desire.

The announcer called for everyone to take their seats, and she dutifully followed the crowd into the auditorium. As they entered, everyone was handed a set of headphones with their seat number printed on them. As she neared the door, the steward saw her and smiled.

‘You’re Grace, aren’t you? He said that you’d be easy to recognise.’

He reached down behind the counter, pulled out a different pair of black headphones and handed them to her.

‘These are yours. Seat number 474.’

Slightly puzzled, she took her seat with the others. Putting on the headphones, she could hear the ambient noise from around her being repeated in extraordinary high quality in her ears, along with some cheesy background music. Instructions flashing on the stage set the scene of a post-apocalyptic world where power was unreliable and could go out at any moment…at which point, predictably, the lights went out and she was in utter darkness. 

Reflex panic rose up and she began to hyperventilate. She waited for her eyes to adapt and for shapes or outlines to begin to appear, but there was no light to get used to…there was nothing. The darkness was heavy, weighing down on her and pressing her into her seat. She could almost feel it touching her and enveloping her. 

Then, with a jolt, she realised that no-one could see her. The other people were so close that she could reach out and touch them if she wanted…but they couldn’t see her, just as she couldn’t see them. Her face spread into a unseen smile at the illicit possibilities of this illusion of privacy. Oh wow, this was fucking hot.

She stretched out in the chair, extending her legs and running her hands along her thighs. The touch of her fingers grounded her and she gasped at how much her other senses had already been heightened by losing her sight. She became aware of the scratchy fabric of the seat beneath her thighs, the soft movement of her shirt against her back as she breathed in and out. She took a deep, shaky breath and squirmed in her seat, feeling her soaked underwear rubbing against her.

‘Are you surviving in the dark?’

Suddenly she couldn’t breathe. That was his voice, speaking to her through the headphones and sounding close so that the hairs stood up on the back of her neck.

‘Isn’t the darkness intoxicating? Can you imagine what all of these people are thinking? Do you think they’ve realised that no one can see them…no matter what they do?’

She loved his voice. It was deep and rich, and had a filthy tone that sent shivers through her. He would often call her and describe in the most exquisite detail what he was going to do to her when he next saw her until she was a mess and melting with lust. God, if he was going to talk like that here, she was lost.

‘Have you noticed how much better your touch feels?’

Her fingers gripped the edge of her skirt, scrunching up the fabric as she clenched her fists against her thighs. She pursed her lips and blow softly outwards, trying to release some tension. Laying her palms flat against her legs, she slid her skirt upwards until her fingertips grazed the silkiness of her underwear.

‘Are you wet already? I bet you are. I could slip my fingers inside you right now if I was there, couldn’t I? Your hot, wet cunt must be begging to be filled…are you touching yourself? Can you taste how much you want me? I wish I was tasting you now…’

She arched her back in her chair as his words seared into her. Her hand was inside her skirt, sliding through the slickness that he knew he had aroused. Her clit throbbed with her touch and she bit her lip to stifle the sounds that threatened to escape. The fingers of her other hand slipped under her shirt, playing with her aching nipples and running across her skin. Someone a few seats away from her coughed, and her stomach jumped at the reminder of the proximity of strangers.

‘Does it turn you on to think of everyone around you? What would they think if they could see you?’

She could hardly make out the words that he was saying anymore, but the whispered tone of his voice in her ear was enough. As the auditory sensory overload played tricks with her, she could feel his breath in her ear and kept turning to face where her mind told her he must be, but was just faced with more darkness. Was he actually standing there? It was so dark she honestly wouldn’t have known. Rationally, she knew she was still sat in the auditorium, listening to his voice through the headphones, but her skin tingled with anticipation nonetheless…waiting for him to reach out and touch her.

His own breath had become ragged and harsh, and she imagined him stroking his no doubt hard cock while he spoke to her. That hot visual image caused a punch of desire to rock her and she wished she could talk back to him, to tell him how much she wanted him.

‘I want you to come. I want you to come now in the dark as if you’re all alone.’

Needing no more encouragement, she increased the pressure on her clit, feeling the tingling tension building in her legs, spreading up through her core and getting stronger, until she came hard with sparks flashing in front of her eyes, rocking hips against her hand. She panted with the effort of keeping quiet as the waves of sensation washed through her again and again.

‘It’s nearly over…lights up…’

And the light flared back on so suddenly that she had to shield her eyes from the assault. Disorientated and overwhelmed, she got unsteadily to her feet and stumbled out of the theatre, her legs still shaky as she struggled to catch up with the change of pace. Then she saw him, leaning casually against the bar and gazing straight at her. Her body shook with hunger at the intensity of his eye contact and her need strengthened her limbs again. She strode towards him, grabbed him and pulled him urgently against her.

‘So you enjoyed that then?’ 

‘You’d better fuck me hard and fuck me soon’ she said, dragging him towards the exit…

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