Sinful Sunday: Touch…

I remember talking to a friend when we were 19 about how she could become more confident and recommending that she spend time looking at herself naked. I’d already worked out that being comfortable with my body translated into a self-belief that made everything else easier. I like looking at myself naked. Even on a fat day, there is always something that pleases me – my thighs may be bigger but putting on that weight has made my breasts look extraordinary, and so on.

But I’ve never been an exhibitionist. I do love to dance around naked, but always safe in the knowledge that no one can see me. Yes, there’s something briefly exciting about running in and out of the living room to grab clothes off the drying rack in full view of the street, but it’s not a thrill that I’ve really gone looking for.

So that brings me to today. I have followed the Sinful Sunday meme with interest for months now. I’ve been really impressed with the pictures that I have seen – some are just beautiful, others fascinate me, and some are so hot that they become burnt into my retinas and are all that I can see when I close my eyes. They’re kind of amazing and always inspiring.

The thought of being exposed to the critique of strangers is terrifying, but I must admit that I am intrigued. Is it as empowering as I’ve been promised? What if I enjoy it more than I expect? I have to find out…

So here is my entry for the Senses prompt – Touch…

To see the other incredible photos being shared this week, click on the lips below:

Sinful Sunday

20 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Touch…

  1. People join in with Sinful Sunday for so many reasons….I remember the trepidation of putting up that first pic and barely daring to read the resulting comments! Now I find it challenges me to think of new ideas, ways to challenge my perception of myself, and it goes without saying that I enjoy the images from all the other particpants too.

    This is a delightful image, soft and sensuous…welcome to Sinful Sunday 🙂


  2. Welcome to Sinful Sunday! I hope that you find it a positive experience and that you enjoy the community that has sprung up around the meme. It is always lovely and exciting to have new contributors.

    Your image is very beautiful, soft and sensual it makes me want to reach for my own nipple.


  3. This is a really beautiful first photo – I hope you love the community as much as I do. I only went live with my own blog last week but all the lovely comments from the regulars while I was contributing to Exhibit A’s anonymous blog definitely gave me the confidence to leap. Have fun here! Xx

  4. That is a very hot picture. To me, being naked by yourself in front of a mirror can indeed instil confidence. Sinful Sunday takes that further by celebrating our beautiful bodies and providing a happy community which inspires one another.


  5. Who’s critiquing? You look lovely and comfortable with yourself – and your words made that clear. You are beautiful – and it’s not just me saying that, but your internal lens as well 🙂

    xx Dee

  6. Every body is beautiful in its own way, and capable of giving pleasure and prompting poetry and music. Yours is lovely, and the photo is sensual and tender.

  7. Welcome to Sinful Sunday! As for your debut image, what a stunning start! The color you’ve achieved is really exquisite, delicate and soft and full of light. The placement of your finger is just perfect and I love the fact that we can see your upper arm in the background. Really, really well done 🙂

  8. I love this for so many reasons – your words capture exactly how I felt before I first joined in with the meme and your picture is so simple but so lovely. Welcome to Sinful Sunday!

  9. Welcome to Sinful Sunday! What a beautiful image to debut with too. So teasingly soft and gentle, make me want to reach out and touch…

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